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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Platforms: Doodle Jump vs Froggy Jump

Hello followers, today I will compare two of the greatest and most addictive platform games ever. Both run in the same manner, they are very similar types of games. These constist in jumping around from platform to platform in different and existing ways. Enemies, placed in strategic places by the games developers, will try to bring you down aswell as many different obstacles sich as spikes, automatically moving, one-touch erasable, disappering, and finger moving platforms. Froggy Jump, developed by Invictus Games Ltd., and Doodle Jump, developed by Lima Sky, base their challenges in different kinds of enemies and platforms. They are also resistance based since they also challenge the player. The controls are very simple, the character is moved by turning your ipod one way or the other. Both have a pretty nice online mode which requires a Game Center account to play aswell as a Wi-Fi connection. Froggy Jump apart from a jumping mode game, has also a store. In this store you can buy outfits and/or abilities for your cute jumping frog, these can be bought with diamonds and coins which you can collect in the game, you can alos buy them in itunes. I sincerely recommend Doodle Jump because of its different mods and great amount of enternmnint, but either one is absolutely marvelous. The bad news is that Doodle jump will cost you $0,99 ; the good news is that Froggy Jump is completely free.

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