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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Go back to Scrabble... with Angry Words (Apalabrados)

Who has not spent endless hours of their childhood playing the wonderful family game of Scarbble? Well now it is here right on your iPhone for you to enjoy, we present you Angry Words
This multiplayer online version of the game allows you to play face to face against other opponents all around the world real time. You will be able to test your skills at this traditional and new game. The range of languages is pretty far from limited and you will be able to play in English, Spanish, French and several other.

The best point of the game is the social aspects it contains. Though you play against other users online, you will be able to  search for your friends and play with them without the need of being together. On top of this, on your profile you will be able to consult your best plays, longest word and other awesome features.

My Opinion:
On the whole the game is pretty cool, what I most love of it is enjoying games with my friends while I'm not with them, as well as the fact that it includes a chat. The only fail I find in it is that as long as your opponent is not online you can not play, but there is an easy way of playing anytime, keep several games open at a time, try the challenge.

Apalabrados: Angry Words
Category: Classic
General: B+
Design: A-
Graphics: A-
Popularity: C+

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