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Monday, 10 December 2012

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is on of the most varied RPGs ever created for iPod developed by Rockstar Games. The famous game GTA now adapted for iPod was recently been considered as one of the best Rolle Playing Games yet created for an iTouch. With a great story line, a number of almost infinite missions, and an enormous variety of weapons GTA: Chinatown Wars has lately escalated into the top 20. In the game you will be able to the a large number of things: from illegal racing in the middle of the city to classic GTA stuff like getting in trouble with the police and trying to run away. You will do so at the same time you earn money from drug dealing, helping people, working for mafia chiefs and many other mini-games.

You will have the opportunity to work for many chiefs of the triad, and other people, including a police officer, sub-chiefs and people seeking for the triad's power all to find out the truth about what happened to your uncle's precious sword, which is the key for him to escalate and become one of the most important gangsters in New York. The story starts with you coming to NYC directly from China. as you get there a gang of south koreans, or so is thought, drags you and steal the precious Chinese sword from you. Directly after we get to know the protagonist's uncle which is one of the main characters in this amazing asiatic story in the suburbs of an american city. You will be able to use your house as refuge, during persecutions, as well as its garages. The mobile mode also allows you to do several things as buying weapons online and searching for places in the map.

My Opinion:
It is impressive how in a single game there can be about 200 drug dealers all around the map that are willing and able to sell you drug. I personally almost became a millionaire only selling drug. The bad part is that if you get caught with drug by police you loose it all, and there is also a limit in terms of how much you can actually carry around even though you can deposit as much as you want in your homes. My favourite mini-game is the one where you are making molotov cocktails in the gas station, it is extremely fun, and the cocktails are extremely useful. The only bad part of this game, in my opinion, is that you cannot buy businesses. Still the positive side completely ditches the negative side... I don't knwo what you are waiting for go try it right NOW!!!

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Category: RPG
General: A
Design: A+
Graphics: B+
Popularity: B-

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