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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tiny Tower

Hello dear followers today I will show you Tiny Tower. This free simulation game is actually one of the most adictive games I've ever tried. This game is based on two types of floors. One which makes posible for 5 people to live in and the other type is just business. There are 7 types of businesses and each person has different abilities on each. The characters also have a dream job. If you get your business to be run by 3 people with dream job of that specific place, you will get double stock. It is pretty cool!
My Opinion:
You start of thinking its a little boring since you enter regularly, but the fact that it takes real time for floors to build up or to buy stock makes it really interesting. Yo might start to check it out frequently and as you start growing your building upwards you find it really cool and continue. The  fact that you don't have to pay to earn any kind of money makes it really good. You can buy whatever you want just by playing the game and acomplishing missions. Try it, its totally FREE!!

Tiny Tower
Category: Simulation
General: B+
Design: B+
Graphics: C-
Popularity: C

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