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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Infinity Blade I and II

Infinity Blade I and Infinity Blade II form one of the most perfect sequels in the iPod gaming world. They are played in a first adventure game mode. Developed by Chair entertainment this game is one of the most impressive games Rolle Playing Games (RPG) I have tried.

It is based on a character that is fighting against a semi-god on Earth that calls himself an immortal. The character played by you has is constantly trying to kill him. The story starts when your father is killed by the immortal you start of with the first generation, which is the son of the soldier killed by the immortal. As time goes on your rivals increase their level of power, health and damage, and you do too. You will have to fight a series of enemies until you enter the grande hall, where you must fight the immortal's personal body guard, and if you manage to kill him you will be able to fight against the immortal. The story can end three different ways, all three excellent, that you must discover... so START NOW!

My Opinion:
Both are extremely entertaining, and when I say extremely I mean it. These two games have gorgeous graphics that can not be compared to any other iPod game yet created. Personally the best part is the ending where you discover the truth of the game and its purpose. After a couple of rounds of the game it gets repetitive even though the fighting is always awesome. A very cool feature about the game is that the character speak in a completely weird language that was specifically created for this game.

Infinity Blade I and II
Category: RPG
General: A+
Design: A+
Graphics: A
Popularity: B+

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