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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a platform based game similar to Temple Run. Developed by Kiloo games and Syloo games it is one of the most addictive games I have ever tried. It is based on a person or character, which you can choose out of many, that runs through a series of barriers and tunnels, that is being persecuted by a police officer and his dog. You, as a player, must evade the guard and at the same time earn coins in order to buy avatars and/or develop your permanent bonuses as well as buying instantaneous, single use, items. There are also some avatars that you must unlock, and therefore you cannot buy them until you full fill collecting a certain number of items. There are four permanent bonuses: super sneakers (where you get a pair of powered jump sneakers), times 2 multiplier (multiplies your score), powerjet (ou fly where there are no obstacles and you can freely collect a lot of coins), and coin magnet (which allows you to collect coins from all three lains in the game). These all last a certain period of time, and to get them you must walk past the item's symbol in the game. It does not have an online mode, but nevertheless you can compete with you friends in terms of who gets the highest score. There is also a bonus feature that allows you to collect coins for every 50 runs your friends do.

My Opinion:
I personally think it is TOO addictive. Once you start to get the game, when your score rises and after completing a couple missions that allow you to increase your starting score multiplier, you will not be able to stop playing the game for more than a day until you beat all your friends. Its graphics are also good, but you have to consider that it is meant not be be real, as in comic style.

Subway Surfers
Category: Platform 
General: A
Design: A+
Graphics: A
Popularity: A-

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