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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Don't stop the music - Grooveshark

Anyone who has an iPod wishes to end with the eternal music dilemma  playing whatever music you wish to at any moment. Many solve this problem hearing their music through YouTube  which is quite tiresome, others don't mind spending money on purchasing the tracks from iTunes, we bring you the alternate solution:


This great website is the equivalent to spottify but online, having absolutely no limitation and no price. Try it out! Just follow the link (clicking the word) to access the web and open up an account, 100% free and pretty fast. Then it is just a matter of searching your favorite songs and adding them to the listening queue.

Now there is just one problem to solve, we wish to acces Grooveshark from our apple plataform (iPod, iPhone, iPad etc). Some time ago an app was launched to do so, but it was soon eliminated, as several discographies showed their objections to it and apple decided to take no risks and eliminated the app. We bring to you 2 different solutions.

Remote Control Grooveshark (iTunes)

This app for your iPod, which IS available on the iTunes (link) will allow you to control grooveshark from your iPod, but it is quite restricted as you will always need a computer on, which will only let you use the application at home.

Complete App ANYWHERE (Cydia)

Anyway, we want to have this wonderful music source wherever we are, so we bring to you the final solution which will allow you to have Grooveshark everywhere. Once your iPod is jailbreaked, if not consult here, and you have added the iphoneate repo, any problems consult here, follow these simple instructions to obtain Grooveshark.

  1. Download the Grooveshark trial version from Cydia (it is created by Bigg Boss)
  2. Once installed, make sure you play at least one song and then uninstall it
  3. Enter Cydia, and this time download Grooveshark from the iPhoneate repo
  4. Respring your device and you will now have unlimited Grooveshark!
Hope you enjoy your new music tool! Pleas feel free to comment

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