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Friday, 7 December 2012

Call of Duty: Zombies

Call of Duty: Zombies is one of the best iPod shooter games in the app store. Developed by Activision it is based on the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops for pc, PS3, xbox, etc. In this case the zombie mode has been further developed into a single game with four different maps. You have an enormous variety of weapons as in the original game, from the basic starting pistol and doubled barrel shotguns to space guns and flamethrowers, it is one of the best things in the game, weapon diversity. You can even get a random weapon instead of buying a specific one.

Every map starts with you placed in a limited space, where you are isolated, and you are surrounded by 6 to 10 entrances where zombies are constantly coming from. As you kill zombies you increase your score, head-shots make you enter a score multiplying mode. As you get kills you will earn points, these can be exchanged for weapons, grenades, to activate tramps, or you can use them to open doors and increase your map's size. The game incorporates a multiplayer mode, where you can play with another player in the same maps, either through a bluetooth connection, or an online connection. The only problem is that there is an infinite number of rounds and, unless you are playing a map which has some kind of mission to fulfil, at the end it starts to get repetitve, unless you are playing with one of your friends.

My Opinion:
Great! It is extremely addictive and the fact that it has a online mode makes it even better. This game will get you, and your friends, to play endless rounds of this amazing game. Once you satrt there is no way of stopping it.

 Call of Duty: Zombies
Category: Shooter
General: A-
Design: A
Graphics: A+
Popularity: B

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