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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Main Music Downloading Places

The first thing everyone does after buying an iPod is putting music into it. To do this, you have three options.
1: Import your music from a CD you have previously bought.
2: Spend A LOT of money by buying songs on itunes.
3: Download free music in one of the many music downloading pages.

 Some of the downloading pages have to be downloaded into your computer, while others are on the web and the only thing you have to do is download the music directly from there.
Here are what we consider to be the 5 best music downloading sites:

  • Ares (click here to access the page to download it)
  • Vuze ( click here to access the page to download it)
  • Emule (  click here to access the page to download it)
  • BeeMP3 ( click here to access the website)
  • Dilandau ( click here to access the website)
We will develop each of these in further posts.

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