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Monday, 9 January 2012

Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is a great boxing game. Developed by EA this espectacular game will reach into the world of boxing to offer you many game modes in which you can and will fight against inteligent comp rivals which will challenge your abilities as a skilled boxer. Its three modes will bring you a series of unlimited fun: Fight Now (Quick match), Legacy and Multiplayer. All three are great fun, the Multiplayer mode needs a Wi-Fi connection, still I recomend the Legacy (Career mode). In this mode you can challenge an infinite number of rivals. You start creating your character choosing both your status (abilities), your category (heavy weight, medium weight...) and your character's appearence. As you win or lose matches you will go up or down in the rank. Your abilities will also get better as you train yourself. If you reach the top you can even challenge the #1 fighter for you category's belt.
My Opinion
I personally love this game not only because it is extremely enterntaining since each rival is unique aswell as its style of fighting, some will try to evade your attack while they throw quick punches, on the other hand others will resist them, but will knock you down if their punches hit your face. Another extremely good thing is the diversity of punches you can throw at your advesaries. You can even personalize some of your endless series of attacks.

Fight Night Champion
Category: Boxing (Sport)
General: A
Design: A+
Graphics: B-
Popularity: C+

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