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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Manage ALL your ipod settings with ACTIVATOR

To maximize your experience with your iPod we recommend the application ACTIVATOR. this amazing application allows you to manage all of the button setting in your iPod. For example it will allow you to change the track you are listening by clicking boh of the volume bottons, pausing the song by holding one of the volume bottons etc etc..

This application is opensource, created by other iPod users. It is available in Cydia which was explained in this post. Just search for activator and install it for free. Here is a guide in how to use it to for example set that when you click the two volume buttons your track changes:

When opening activator you will see this page. In this menu you will be able to choose where you want the action to take place, for this example we would choose anywhere

Now it gives you to choose from a series of buttons or actions (as you see it is really very instinctive), now we would choose under the category of volume buttons, both press.

Finally we shall define the action we want to be taken when the buttons are pressed in this case it is next track under the category iPod.

As you can see activator gives us thousands of different combinations to personalize our iPod. We invite you to explore between the thousands of them and let us now through email ( commentary or however you'd like your discoveries!

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