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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Swords and Sandals

Hello followers today I'm here to present to you a very special game. Give a warm welcome to Swords and Sandals!!! This retro game designed by 3RDsense can be now played on your ipod. Nevertheless before you buy it, if you do, you can try it on Fizzy. There you can have a nice time feeling whta it is like to fight against other online players or simply train against the comp. You can easily buy Swords and Sandals ($1.99) for your ipod touch or iphone in the App store.

Now lets get to business. Swords and Sandals is a platform tyoe game based on the legendary Roman arenas. In the game you will start out bettering abilities and as the days pass on (in the game) you will level up and receive an extra 3 points each level which you can easily assign to your favorite abilities. Apart from leveling up you will also earn money which you can spend on different artifacts such as armory, magical items and spells, weapons and/or potinions, you can even gamble money, which I personally DON'T recommend you. You Will have lots of fun designing and customing your character and as it level ups you will find many different forms of attacking and really damaging the opponent. The opponents will all be controled by the comp and these will try to find your most hurtfull spot as the other ''players'' also have different types of attacks. Even though their is no assigned classes, your character will adopt different ways of fighting as you assign the given points to different abilities. For example, if you assign many of these skill points to magic, you will soon find that your character can throw burning flames or make himself grow up to more than 7 times its actual size so it can carry out a giant assasins task. On the other hand, if you assign skill points to, for example, vitality you will heal up many hp points at a time and surely will have lots of initial hp.

My Opinion:

I personally think this game is very intresting, actually, I am adicted right now to it. It totally is worth what it costs on itunes store. My favorite part of it may be the fact that each artificially made up adversary is exclusively cool and different from the rest. You will even find characters which have the ability to shout so loud that they will kill you with their taunts. The only thing which disturbs me may be the fact that you cannot listen to music while your playing.

Swords and Sandals
Category: Platform/Adventure
General: A-
Design: A
Graphics: B
 Popularity: C+

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