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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Football Manager 2012

Hello dear followers, today I will answer all your questions about Football Manager for ipod. Today I will tell you all about Football Manager 2012 (. First of all it requires a lot of time to start knowing the game. You will at least have to dedicate an hour of your precious time to understand how it works correctly, nevertheless everyone can easily play a single match. This unpopular game, except for the ipod geeks, is based on a team effort design based on real football games. You will become the trainer of your favorite team and as you win games, your team will become more loyal to you, and other teams may offer you an employment. You can even end up being chosen as the coach of the national team. This simulation based game, will reach into the world of football. You will be able ofmanaging your team's first and second team aswell as buying and selling players at any moment. You will persuade the direction to give you more money to buy players or to better your stadium. You can negociate with many teams from a player tranfer, to a manager transfer, to fund transfer in many terms.
My Opinion:

I personally think it is a very nice game which is intended for a long period, but once you get hold of the essence of Football Manager you will have a pretty nice time. I must say it is deficult even though it might seem easy simulate matches. You will have to talk with players, constantly reassign them, make their moral stay up and never let them become angry because they will ask for a free transfer or at least an immediate transfer. Try it, and ENJOY it.

Football Manager 2012
Category: Sports
General: A
Design: A+
Graphics: C+
Popularity: C-

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