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Monday, 23 January 2012

Temple Run

Hello dear followers, today I will present to you Temple Run. Temple Run is a totally free platform based game which is based on running throughout different types of walls, or leveled platforms, trying to get away from the evil monkeys which will try to catch you and eat you up. You will be graded on the distance you run and the number of coins you pock up in one game's time. As you get better in both distance and coin picking you will earn enough money to buy new abilities. These can be of one use, or permanent . If you choose to buy or better permanent abilities these will eventually appear at some time in the game while you are running around. You can even buy better characters who will run faster, jum higher and have better powerups.

My Opinion:
I totally suggest you at least give the game a chance since it is 100% free and the only effort you will have to do is click the install the game button. Apart from that I also recommend it because it is a great game which you will surely enjoy. If you have the chance to install it in an iPad try it because in a bigger screen you will see all that it can do. Enjoy!

Temple Run
 Category: Platform/Adventure
General: A-
Design: B-
Graphics: A
Popularity: B

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