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Monday, 23 January 2012


We are suffering an attempt against our freedom. The federal government of the united is disposed to pass a law which gives the government a power similar to that which have in countries like China, Arab countries and North Korea over internet.

The sopa law has been passed as an attempt to protect the "work and intellectual ownership" of artists by simply destroying any web they believe to have this content. Is this fair when it has been US the consumers thanks to which so many artists have turned millionaire?? Yes it is true if they need the internet to make themselves famous they can use it but when WE, their followers want to hear their music we are going to find a federal announcment that thr web has been closed!! Is it fair that after attending their concerts or seing their movies at excessibly expensive fares we are not able to see them again?

This is just another example of how the USA believes itself to be over the world. Don't believe this law only allows them to close american websites, they will also be able to block acces to other countries webs and will do whatever to stop you!

We must stop this infection before it expands!! We podmen if we reach enough followers we will use all our strength on stoping the "ley sinde" in spain. All the internet must join forces we must not let thrm defeat us!


If you too want to help please click the adverts, we want to keep posting and informing you about this injustice as EVERY IPOD USER WILL BE AFFECTED AND CYDIA MAY FALL

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